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An asterism is a pattern created by a collection of stars and the lines that we can imagine and mentally connect each other. Unlike constellations, they are a more general concept that can refer to any identified star pattern. The viewer draws the imaginary pattern with his hand. The watcher is the one who draws in the sky and gives meaning to its creation. 

Asterisms in an interactive generative project that invites you to draw, name and save your own asterism forever. The script serves you the sky as a canvas, where you can display your imagination as many times as you want. To be a user is to be a creator.

Through a generative algorithm, these circles are combined to form unique geometric compositions based on the Token ID hash from the minting process.

LEFT CLICK to create stars │ Move MOUSE WHEEL to zoom in and out │ TYPE to write a title │ BASCKSPACE to delete │ DELETE to delete all the text │ ENTER to save the file.

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